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Unsung Heroes | TEDxSIBMBengaluru

From the gleaming future envisioned by our 10-year self to the future we dream of now, it has been an amazing journey. Among the students of SIBM B, there are many who had dreamed big, who had withstood numerous adversities and reached for the impossible. Here are a few of them, the dreamers and the doers-

Which ten-year-old would've planned to start a courier service just to support his family? `
Nirav Patel did. He belonged to a small town called ”Sanand” in Gujarat, and he started a courier service along with his brother when their family needed a source of income. With his presence of mind and an exceptional self-motivation, he achieved something incredibly thoughtful at the tender age of ten years.

Which aspiring singer would have had a will strong enough to refuse commercializing their talent?
Sonal Bhalla, who has practiced music all her life, has let go of many chances of winning at competitions. She is driven by the words of her Guru who preaches that the intention behind learning music was to experience music thoroughly, instead of commercializing it2. Her belief is that “The words of Guru are final and that’s how I accepted it”.

Which great football player would think of pursuing an MBA instead of their passion as a career, even after many great accomplishments?
Valay Chahande, A talented football player who was deserving enough to be picked up by Chetak FC and later moved to Division A, had such groundbreaking passion and vigor, he could easily have established a career in sports arena. Yet, he chose to do MBA instead, so as to explore the unexplored.

How could someone who had the opportunity to work with ISRO, publish a book be so self-possessed?
Tushar Vishwakarma, this guy has done it all, from developing numerous android applications to having his book be sold in Amazon by the time he was in the 10th standard. He has done things his way, beyond anyone’s imagination, setting new goals and challenging himself, raising the bar with each master stroke.

Each of these brilliant people had once resolved to stand out from the crowd through their choice to remain true to themselves, this made them what they are now: bright-eyed individuals eagerly looking forward to shaping a better future! These great achievements had all begun with the simple act of talking and expressing what they feel and think. You weave the verse and see the impact, you'll watch it healing, you'll watch it progressing and there comes a day when your actions change the world.

TEDxSIBMBengaluru is a platform designed to channel such power and authenticity, geared towards spreading ideas worth sharing. These are the few of the unsung heroes at SIBM B, but look around you, you are sure to find many more walking around you - those who deserve to have their stories be heard. Around you, there are amazing personalities, bringing change with every stride of theirs, with sheer determination and rigorous talent.
It is time to work collaboratively to bring forth a bright future.

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