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8 Things the Students of SIBM B are expecting from the Future | TEDxSIBMBengaluru 2019


“   "Empowering the individual”
The basis of any change within society is the voice of an individual. The moment we try to express our thoughts, we’re creating a strong resonance within and around. A first-year student from SIBM B believes that an individual voice has the power to do wonders, when the person is not hindered by the fear of judgement passed by others. They believe that empowering the individual, and encouraging each person to voice their view, will discourage herd behavior and become the breeding ground for novel ideas.

·  "On the entertainment front- personalized entertainment for different people, an advanced version of Netflix, VR becoming more common"
With every mode of entertainment becoming more advanced each day, there have been more and more advancements. With the emergence of interactive films like “Bandersnatch” which was a recent revolution in Netflix-cinema, a new precedent has been set. It’s not a big jump to expect something greater from the AI-Driven Entertainment industry. With AI being prominent in every part of our life now, students at SIBM B think that AI written Screen plays would do an amazing job at providing entertainment. They envision a future where, one day, you get to book a flying car on Uber!

·       "Google or Elon Musk will come up with a technology through which people can do apparition to avoid traffic"
One of the most pressing problems in any city is the problem of traffic. Now, imagine Google or Elon Musk thinking of addressing this issue with the technological strategies at their fingertips, they can devise another revolutionary technology. With so many advanced technologies already in place, students of SIBM B think that day isn't very far from reality.

·       “World Peace, both for the outer world and inner self”
Harmony is as vital to the world as water is to a parched individual in a desert. It is the definitive ideal world. It sounds inconceivable from our present perspective, and yet, at one time traveling to space had seemed just as impossible, conveying a whole record gathering in your pocket appeared to be unimaginable, things like YouTube, Wi-Fi etc. had appeared to be outlandish. Students at SIBM B, believe the path to a better future is paved with peace.

·       “Involvement of technology leading to a revolution in jobs”
Innovation has at no other time assumed such a huge part in our lives. With technology growing in leaps and bounds, it has been expected that there will be a revolution in the kind of jobs performed by people. Just as Industrial Revolution had witnessed the overture of previous status quo replaced with new careers, such a transformation is expected to repeat.

·        “Someone creating history in literature like Charles Bukowski once did- bringing in fresh perspectives on life"
Literature is one of the most wonderful instruments on earth that we get to witness, feel and experience. Charles Bukowski is one such architect of literature who is  admired by people around the world because of his vision, which had brought in a new perspective on life. This famous quote by him says it all.
We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.”
Students at SIBM B are anticipating another such great thinker in the future, as the perspectives of the world change.

·       “More of innovations than Inventions, radical, Exponential growth”
Students at SIBM B think that we are all too busy inventing and creating something instead of enhancing and improving what has already been created, which could help in attaining growth in different dimensions at various levels, boosting life to new heights. Think further about the resources that can be saved upon focusing on innovation in place of invention. That would cause a revolutionary change in every industry.

·       “Creation of an education system that would be more practical and impart life lessons”
Practicality is the key to stability and survival. Thousands of students graduate from colleges with dreams and hopes for a secure future. But what isn’t understood is that when faced with situations we haven’t experienced before, it’s courage and resilience that drives a person to success. Education should provide a training framework for such qualities, building a strong moral foundation within students at a young age which will shape great leaders of tomorrow.

This is what some of the students of SIBM B expect of the future. TEDxSIBMBengaluru 2019 will be the platform for further discourse on Future 2.O by speakers of great stature.

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