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6 Mysterious Natural Phenomena Beyond Imagination

Some things make us think. A few sights make us wonder. Some even leave us awestruck. And then there are some phenomena that are beyond our imagination. Here are 6 such marvels from the nature that still remains a mystery ! 

1) Harmony of the Humpback Whales

 If the animal kingdom had a music band, the humpback whales would be the lead singers. It’s no secret that the humpback whales are capable of producing melodious songs of exceptional complexity and duration, but it irks scientists to not be able to decipher that secret yet. It is believed that the singing chores are a part of the mating rituals of the male whales, but the females haven’t been proven to be attracted by this little trick. Chorus or solo, we think that the humpback whales’ songs are a musthave on your playlist from now! 

2) Krishna’s Butterball

 Also known as “Vaan Irai Kal” or The Sky God’s stone, roosting on a steep slope at Mahabalipura in India is this stone, 6 metres high, 5 metres wide and weighs about 2,50,000 kilograms. Despite being perched on a sharp decline, this stone has balanced itself in its present position since forever, despite multiple attempts over the years to displace it. How this happens is where the enigma is. Geologists suggest that the boulder must have been a glacial erratic that got stranded along the hill. But local ballads’ explanation of the phenomena is quite interesting and goes like this; According to Hindu mythology, when lord Krishna was just a baby, he was fond of stealing butter, and the stone is said to be an impersona of the tradition. Mythology or not, the stone is a sight to behold. 

 3) Mapimi Silent Zone

The Mapimi Silent Zone is a desert patch near Durango, Mexico which is alleged to be a region where no means of communication work. Radio signals have been said to be vanishing once they reach the Mapimi zone. The zone is supposed to be moving and hence the localites are a little skeptical about its existence. Scientists say it is probably just an urban myth that developed following the crash and discovery of an American missile Athena in the area in 1970. But legend says that this is the Bermuda triangle of the land and we are still wondering what the explanation for this mystery could be.

4) Naga Fireballs 

You know you are along the shores of Mekong river when you see glowing balls rise from the water into the sky. Named after the legendary serpentine creatures said to be living in the Mekong river, these are called Naga Fireballs or “bung fai paya nak" by the locals. The size of these glowballs have been observed to range from that of tiny specks to the size of a football. Scientists have postulated that the fireballs maybe a result of large amount of flammable phosphine gas in the marshy lands. But it is highly unlikely for it to spontaneously ignite and if at all did, would never travel at the speed the fireballs are observed to move. And there goes another secret of mother nature that still remains a question mark to mankind. 

5) Hessdalen Lights 

These are lights that appear in the night which seem to float through the sky, at the 12km long Hessdalen valley in central Norway. The duration of these lights range from a few seconds to hours straight, moving at lightning speed or playfully swinging back and forth. The origin of this mysterious nocturnal phenomena is still unknown. Scientists have proposed hypotheses saying this could be a result of some unexplained chemical combustion caused by the abundance of Scandium in the area, or a cluster of macroscopic Coulomb crystals, but nothing has been proven right yet. So there lies the secret of lights waiting to shine bright! 

6) Synchronous Fireflies 

The Smoky Mountains of Gatlinburg are famous for the synchronous light show put up by the fireflies there. Hundreds of thousands of fireflies gather and synchronously emit and shut their glow, leaving the forest in a rhythm of darkness and light. Even though we know that the light emission is due to Luciferin to attract mates, the unique flashing pattern and synchronisation of the flies have not yet been solved by the scientific fraternity. You might want to consider getting the passes for this year’s season because the best time to view this glorious illumination performance is May end to mid-June. Nature evidently has its ways of pushing us to let go of the beaten paths and traverse beyond our mind-blocks. But sometimes, the most beautiful of things are best left unexplained. And it is our enthusiasm to solve those mysteries that keep us going. After all, if not curiosity, what else would lead mankind forward to an arena beyond imagination?!

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