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A long time ago, in a kingdom far way, there were two people named Education and Stone. They were very good friends .Education could go wherever it pleased and Stone could roll anywhere it deemed.

Where Education went other people liked him and welcomed him but where Stone rolled there was always a fear that he may crush people. So having felt the scorn of people Stone asked Education to help him to solve his predicament .Education agreed. So Education took out his chisel and started sculpting Stone to refine him and gave him a grand structure with feet and a body and a head.
Stone liked it and decided to test his new appearance but the moment he tried to move he realised that he couldn’t for he couldn’t roll anymore .His legs were steady and he didn’t have it in himself to move.
Stone started crying and said he wanted to move around and meet his friends. Education took pity and consoled him and tried to motivate him by saying “Why don’t you try harder?”So mustering all his strength he tried and got one foot ahead but it took so much effort that when he put his foot down it cracked the ground under him. Education immediately asked him to stop. “If you walk this way you will scare others away again “he said.
So Stone stopped realising that Education was right and started feeling blue again. This time Education went to bring his other friends, Path and Life, to help Stone. Stone stood there waiting and waiting. In the mean time he saw other stones rolling around in different roads. 
Meanwhile Education having found Path and Life brought them to Stone along with an idea. Education asked “Why doesn’t Path laid a smooth road for you and Life and I will push you along that road?”
Stone liked that idea. Education told him that the other stones were rolling in this particular direction so he should also go there .Stone agreed and asked Education to tell Path to start making a smooth road for Stone along that road.
Life and Education started pushing him along it. Stone was happy initially gliding by with the help of Education. But then he started felling sad again.”What happened now?” asked Education. “You don’t scare people and you are like one of them now “Stone replied.

“But I am exactly like them, we are all moving in the same direction and I am no different from any of them. They all have their friends named Education and Life and all of them move with their help, hardly anybody notices me anymore”
Education was confused..He did not know how to satisfy his friend. He had to stay with him and since the others were always watching Education couldn’t let Stone go back to being the wild Stone that he once was.
But Stone was despondent .Education had helped him a lot but others seemed to doing way better than he was.”Why is that?”he wondered.”Maybe I should just try and catch up to them and move along the road that Path is setting and not be concerned about where it leads.” 
 Stone continued to move and live along .Over time he realised he wasn’t all that happy nor was he sad but he was living because he was alive.
Along the road he made a new friend, his name was Experience .Their friendship seemed to keep getting stronger along the way. And one day Experience on understanding the plight of his friend, told him” My friend, the grass always looks greener on the other side ,you should not think that you have anything less than what he has, but you should try and achieve what you want  with what you have”.
“Education was telling you what to do and you were doing it, Education told Path where to cut a road and Life was pushing you along it. Since Life and Path came with Education, you thought they were not your friends and you didn’t tell them what to do .What you should have done was ask Education to take you where you wanted to go and not let Education take you  where the road was easier to go .”
“My friend being a Stone is not so desirable when everyone is a statue. Where you want to go should have been up to you. You should be the one who decides your path and no one else.”
Stone thought about what his new friend said .It made him wiser about Education, Life and Path.
With Experience by his side, he started a new journey.
 “People must be taught how to think and not what to think”

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